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Amola, near Rishikesh


02 Rooms

Up to 06 Guests





5 Mins Walk from Parking

Waterfall nearby

Pet- Friendly


Yoga / Meditation


"Art is a harmony parallel with Nature." - Paul Cezanne (French Artist)


Tucked away in the middle of a private estate, on a cliff right next to the river Ganga about 45 kms ahead of Rishikesh -

Hushstay x Art House at Aashraya is a soul-stirring experiential retreat that inspires reflection, quietude, creativeness and belonging.


The 02 bedroom cottage that offers spectacular views of the Ganga and is made of natural stone was self-architected, designed and executed by Depi as his personal residence and displays various forms of art that he has collected from many different parts of the world as well as those made by artists who have visited Hushstay x Art House over the years.

The house, consisting of 02 Bedrooms, a common living-space and a kitchen, is pet-friendly and is perfect for families or groups looking for a private getaway.

A little extra for Hushstays Guests

"Wild Himalaya" Tea Lab

Head to our in-house Tea Lab and try out our in-house variety of exotic tea-infusions.



The entrance of Hushstay x Art House is marked by a narrow trail that leads to a rustic metal gate and as one enters, it feels as if one has found paradise in the middle of nowhere.

A beautiful cottage hidden in lush greenery and wondrous scenery inherent with the background music of the gushing river Ganga  - Hushstay x Art House is a place for those of us who appreciate healthy living, going green, the concept of recycling / up-cycling almost everything and being one with nature. 

The Cottage consists of 02 bedrooms and a living area and the entire place is made almost entirely of dry stone and large glass windows that offer mesmerising views of the Ganges. 

A modern kitchen is attached to the house that is used by the private staff but can also be used by guests.



Located on a cliff next to the river Ganga, the rustic exteriors of the House blend in perfectly with its natural surroundings.

The House is made almost entirely of glass windows offering views of its beautiful natural surroundings from every corner. The walls have been made with locally found stone, as little cement as possible and no RCC. 

Inside the 02 bedroom house, you will find a large living area filled with beautiful pieces of art collected from all corners of the world including works by Brigita Volz, Rung, Mtauyhah, Atul Sinha, Brita and many more. Depi's own artwork on river stones is also on display here. Wooden flooring, comfy sofas, a mini library, artwork and large floor-to-ceiling windows offer one the feeling of luxury in the middle of the forest.

The 02 rooms are attached on either side of the common living area. Each room has large windows, fully-equipped attached washrooms, an air-conditioner as well a wood-burner, making the place an exclusive all-season retreat.

Please note: The price varies depending on the number of guests. We give out the entire house exclusively to one group only and only breakfast is included in the given price.