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Aravalli Hills, near Gurgaon


02 Rooms

Up to 06 Guests

Entire Home

Fully equipped Kitchen

Breakfast and Dinner Included

Hikes and Trails around

Great for

Themed Evenings



"Everyone can identify with a fragrant garden, with the beauty of a sunset, with the quiet of nature, with a warm and cosy cottage."

There is nothing like the peace of the countryside, the tranquillity and the lack of distraction; to be connected to nature away from the hustle and dense fabric of the city. 

As you leave the crowded streets behind and drive through narrow lanes, you will slowly notice the harsh noises of the city life eventually being replaced by the melodious chirping of birds, concrete structures slowly disappear to make way for the sprawling jungle of the Aravalli Hills. 

Tucked away at less than an hour from the Gurgaon city, Hushstay x Aravallis is an aesthetically pleasing 02 bedroom countryside retreat that is a poetic blend of the wild and quiet.

With it's floor-to-ceiling glass walls offering magical sunset silhouettes of the Aravalli Hills, it feels as if you have entered a different world altogether - an oasis, a wondrous escape, a beautiful hideaway that is a rare find close to the city.

A little extra for Hushstays Guests

A Hike through the Aravalli Jungle

Let us take you on a leisurely hike through the neighbouring jungle. Discover the marvels of nature and enjoy majestic views. This hike is arranged on prior request by the host.

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Nature's melodies, fresh air, open spaces, a little pond, the hills beyond and a house that effortlessly blends in with this serene environment: Hushstay x Aravallis is an exclusive space for the mind, body and soul. 

The house comprising a living room, an open kitchen and 02 bedrooms is made almost entirely of locally hand-carved stone, brick and glass. It derives inspiration from Scandinavian homes that combine natural elements, simplicity and vast views. 

The mottled texture of the stone walls gives the house a natural atmosphere, the bricks that have been brought in from Sambhal and laid out in a "rat-trap fashion" offer an endearing charm and the glass walls flood the interiors with natural light while efficiently eroding the boundaries between inside and outside to provide panoramic views.

The house is as warm and inviting as it is beautiful: the interiors feature warm lighting, exposed concrete ceiling, solid wood furniture and other rustic elements that fuse with modern-day aesthetics to create a unique ambience.

Beyond the floor-to-ceiling glass walls lies a lush backyard overlooking the grandeur of the Aravallis and featuring a little heart-shaped pond that offers the perfect abode for a variety of birds. The outdoor patio is the perfect place for a hearty breakfast or a beautiful barbecue evening. 



Hushstay x Aravallis is an amalgamation of style and diverse elements, which come together to create a restful and serene home. The refreshing open-plan concept of the house allows you to be in touch with nature no matter where you are lounging, even while you are in your bedroom.

The Living Area with its leather couches is a great space to unwind and is lit by generous swathes of natural light in the day and emanates a warm glow after dark. An open kitchen occupies a corner of the living area while a mini bar occupies another.


A glass-walled corridor leads to the two tastefully appointed bedrooms of the house with exquisite bedding and interiors. The same sense of design and style flows into the bedrooms as well. Each room has oversized windows that offer 180 degree view of the surrounding landscape and a promise of peace and harmony. The en-suite bathrooms come with elegant bath fittings and also feature an open shower.