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A Wilderness Retreat with a Private Waterfall
anigaad, near Dehradun


03 Rooms

Up to 10 Guests



02 Cottages



Pet-friendly Home

3.5 kms walk from Parking

Hikes and Trails around


"And don't spend your time looking around for something that can't be found" - Baloo, The Jungle Book

Nature has a unique ability to quiet the mind and soothe the soul. In the wilderness, standing beneath towering trees, gazing at a waterfall, or marvelling at the night sky, we are reminded of life's essential simplicity and a connection with something greater than ourselves: a connection that fosters humility, gratitude, and a deeper understanding of our place in the vast tapestry of existence.

An ancient walking trail connecting Dehradun and Mussoorie, believed to be the beaten track of novelist Rudyard Kipling, passes through Talyanigaad, a hidden paradise that inspires a deep connection with nature. As the hour-long hike (or gypsy ride) leads through verdant woodlands and echoing waterways, it sets the stage for a magical revelation — a hideout that seamlessly blends simplicity with modern comforts.

Perched in a tropical corner of Talyanigaad, surrounded by a jungle of oak trees and facing a stunning private waterfall, Hushstay x Kipling Trail Cottage is a 03 Bedroom wilderness retreat to help rediscover the joy in the uncomplicated moments of existence.


This place is not just a retreat, it is a dreamy melting pot of nature's wisdom and simplicity and offers something profound that often eludes us in the hustle and bustle of urban living: Inner Peace.

NOTE: There is no network connectivity here and we don't have Wifi but we hope you will find deeper a connection with nature and with each other. This is the Digital Detox that you need.

A little extra for Hushstays Guests

Yoga with the Hosts

Vinay, the host at Kipling Trail Cottage, is a trained Yoga instructor. A morinng yoga session can be arranged on prior request



This idyllic setting, dotted with vibrant flora, provides a transformative experience where the symphony of the woods is complemented by the sonorous embrace of the cascading water, ensuring tranquility and a visceral connection with nature.

Hushstay x Kipling Trail Cottage presents an idyllic haven that harmonizes seamlessly with the mystical beauty of the landscape.

The property offers two distinct cottages - a spacious two-bedroom haven complemented by an inviting dining area, and the other a serene one-bedroom suite. The architecture and design of this retreat exude an authentic blend of rustic elegance and contemporary finesse.

Each cottage becomes a gateway to unparalleled natural beauty. The lush gardens and the proximity to a private waterfall invite an immersive experience in the breathtaking surroundings. The interior spaces offer a perfect amalgamation of modern comforts and the tranquility of the rustic outdoors. Aesthetically, the cottages reflect an unspoken promise of solitude and comfort within the serene embrace of the forested landscape.


While the rooms are tastefully done and designed to keep you comfortable indoors, oversized windows in the bedrooms and in common areas showcase the space’s best asset, which is undoubtedly what lies in its outdoors.



Each room at Hushstay x Kipling Trail Cottage offers a portal to the tranquillity of the hills and a haven for discerning travellers seeking an intimate connection with nature. The design and architecture of the rooms reflect a deep reverence for the surrounding landscape.


These two units can be booked individually or together depending on the group size. For couples and small families we recommend the one-bedroom suite while the 02 bedroom unit is apt for a group of friends. Bigger groups can book both units together to have the entire space to themselves.


The spacious and elegant two-bedroom cottage boasts an inviting dining area and bedrooms exuding warmth, adorned with handpicked traditional rugs, boasting breathtaking views of the lush landscape. Rustic brick cladding and wood panels flank the beds, and driftwood furniture and decor dot the rooms graced with generous windows inviting natural light. A common verandah connecting the two bedrooms makes for a great spot for morning yoga or a glass of wine as the sun sets.


The one-bedroom suite perched as an exclusive space on the upper floor of the host's home presents a unique escape, the design echoing the forest's aesthetic charm, embracing the forest vibe of the region in its decor. Stone and wood elements artfully blend with the vivid outdoor views, creating a serene cocoon. This one-bedroom suite also has an attic, perfect for sleeping a child or an extra adult.



Fenced Private Land
Ensuite Washrooms​
Comfortable Beddings
Breakfast Included
In-house Caretaker
Add-on Experiences
02 Units
Portable Heaters
Secret Location
Digital Detox Zone
Fresh Towels and Soap
Farm-to-table Meals


At Hushstays, we have partnered with extra-ordinary stays that offer our guests something unique. 


Each HushStay has a local touch, something unique about itself and a personal character that reflects the hosts. From a traditional cozy Stone Cottage in the Himalayas to a bungalow surrounded by Apple Orchards, all HushStays are as welcoming as they are beautiful.

A HUSHSTAYS SELECT PROPERTY is managed and marketed exclusively by Hushstays and we make sure that we select only the most amazing stays after a thorough inspection. 

Unique Hand-picked Stays at Peaceful Locations

In-house Chef and Verified Amenities

24/7 on-call assistance

Complimentary Add-on Experiences

Safe, Secure and Completely Exclusive


  • A full vegetarian breakfast is included in the tariff. Lunch / Dinner can be ordered at the property

  • Only Vegetarian home-cooked options are available on A-La-Carte at the property.

  • We do not provide room service. Meals are only served in the common dining area. 

  • Please follow meal timings: 
    Breakfast: 9:00 am - 10:30 am
    Lunch: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
    Dinner: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Getting There:

  • As with all great places, getting to this paradise-of-a-location requires a 3.5 km hike (01 hr) on a scenic mountain trail from where you park your car. A good fitness level is required to walk this stretch comfortably. 

  • Our staff will receive you at the starting point of the trek and help you out with your luggage. 

  • Alternatively, if the weather is good, you may request the host for a pick-up on their gypsy at an additional cost of INR 1500 (to and fro)

  • Pick-up and drop-off services may not be available during the monsoon period. Please check with the host in advance.

  • Distance from Parking:
    Nearest Railway Station (Dehradun)
    - 15 kms / 40 mins
    Nearest Airport (Jolly Grant) - 40 kms / 01 hr
    Rajpur Road, Dehradun - 3 kms /  10 mins
    Mussoorie - 22 kms / 1 hr

House Rules:

  • Check-in time: 01:00 PM

  • Check-out time: 10:00 AM

  • Slow and soft music is okay, but please do not play loud music after 10 PM.

  • Services of the staff are available until 10:00 PM

  • We follow a strict no-smoking policy inside the house since it leaves a bad smell for the next guests. You may ask the caretaker for an ashtray and smoke outside the house if you need to.

  • We are Pet-friendly. However, please note that the owners also have their own dogs (two friendly german shepherds) . If you are bringing your pet, please bring your own pet beddings and pet food and make sure your pet is well-trained and friendly with other dogs. We levy cleaning charges of INR 1000 per day if you have a dog along.