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Tangmarg, near Gulmarg, Kashmir
(01 Hour from Srinagar)


02 Rooms

Up to 06 Guests





Hikes and Trails around

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Pet- Friendly


Great for Stargazing


"Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.”

“If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here.” - Mughal Emperor Jehangir said it all when he visited Kashmir.

Smiling locals and winding roads covered with Chinar Trees on either side, lead the way through a charming hamlet in a quiet little hill town called Tangmarg, aptly located 40 km from Srinagar and 14 km before Gulmarg. As you lose yourself gently in the narrow lanes of this quiet and peaceful village, you come across an endearing private estate that once belonged to the Maharaja of Kashmir. 

The Cheese Cottage sits in a quaint corner of the estate, interspersed with wildflowers and fruit trees and, blissfully intersected by a calming water stream that originates from the Drung River. It houses 02 elegant bedrooms and a dramatic living area with quintessential larger-than-life elements, exposed-cement walls and oversized windows giving the house its distinctive modern vibe coupled with an old-world charm.


With its colonial exterior design and the mighty backdrop of the Pir Panjal Range, this 02 bedroom cottage is reminiscent of a fairy-tale mountain home: an ideal space to escape the mundane rigidity of modern life and find inspiration in design and the little things that nature has to offer.

A little extra for Hushstays Guests

Picnic by the Brook

Let our staff take you on a hike to a nearby waterstream. You will be served chai while watching the sun go down.



Endless mountains covered in thick deodar jungle in the distance, an idyllic stream that passes leisurely by, trees of pine, oak and rhododendron and a small wooden bridge that leads across the stream to a cottage that sits in perfect harmony with its surroundings: This is the dream we have all painted as little children and at this enchanting 02 Bedroom Hushstay, this dream comes true.

All of these elements were interpreted during the design and planning of the space and hence the magic has found its way into the house as well. As you step inside the spacious living area through an arched door, you will find that the space has the vibe of a boutique European home from the 80's era with a modern character. Every corner has been thoughtfully curated, abstract wall-art and an atypical fibre art installation cover the exposed-cement walls, oversized windows offer striking views of the surrounding landscape while allowing sunlight to flood the contrasting interiors during the day and a low-hanging chandelier adds drama to mystical evenings. 

A deep purple tuxedo sofa and a couple of wingback lounge chairs topped with fur throws are placed next to a fireplace adding to the cozy, comforting vibe of the place. An open kitchen occupies a corner of the living area and a long dining table made of cement and bricks sits parallel to it. A chaise lounger rests next to a large window and makes for the perfect reading nook.   

The same sense of design extends to the 02 bedrooms that are connected to a common lobby on the upper floor of the house.



Every room of the house has its own unique character and no two spaces are alike.

An exterior staircase leads from the wondrous living area on the lower floor to a striking common lobby that connects the two bedrooms on the upper floor. 

On one side of the hallway, a sophisticated sitting area enveloped by large windows overlooks the entire estate and offers spell-binding views of the Pir Panjal range in the distance: the perfect space for deep conversations over a cup of tea. A bright red London-style telephone booth, randomly placed in a corner of the lobby, adds an imaginative touch.


The style is bohemian comfort without bringing the city into the forest. From the velvet blue fabric of the chairs to the dark green and grey walls, all elements have been chosen to highlight the colours of nature. 


The two spacious bedrooms come with exquisite beddings and interiors. The walls are clad in wood creating a cozy atmosphere and just like every other corner of the house, oversized windows never let you miss a glimpse of the great outdoors. The en-suite washrooms are clad with luxurious black marble stone and elegant bath fittings.