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Pangan, near Manali


05 Rooms

Up to 10 Guests





Wifi Internet  Available

Pet-friendly Home

10 Mins uphill Walk from Parking

Hikes and Trails around


"Wabi-Sabi [ wah-bee-sah-bee ] • Japanese : (n.) The beauty and appreciation of things imperfect & impermanent; accepting the flow of life."

A captivating tapestry of lush forests, fruit orchards and enchanting vistas, Pangan is a small hamlet located in a remote yet reachable part of Manali that is characterized by its pristine natural beauty and a sense of timelessness. This quiet and peaceful village embodies the essence of rural Himachal Pradesh, inviting travellers to experience the simplicity and authenticity of slow mountain living.


Perched in the heart of Pangan and reachable only by a 10 minute hike, Hushstay x Hunzuru is a 05 bedroom eco-chic retreat that seamlessly blends eco-conscious design with breathtaking panoramas, and rustic charm. 

The house exquisitely embraces the wabi-sabi philosophy, celebrating the raw beauty of natural materials and design forms. Each nook is thoughtfully arranged to encourage intimate exchanges and exploration, creating a space that beckons you to engage in intimate conversations with your surroundings and with each other.


Hunzuru is a sweet escape from Manali's bustling tourist scenes and invites you to connect with the essence of the Himalayas, offering a sense of tranquility and serenity that is truly unmatched.

A little extra for Hushstays Guests

Walk around the Orchards

Let our staff take you on a guided nature walk through the orchards around the estate.  We’d like you and your family to connect with the farm and experience firsthand the whole journey right from plantation to pollination and then harvest. It would be our pleasure to introduce you and your family to farm life.



Step into Hushstay x Hunzuru, an exquisite Himalayan haven where the lines between old-world charm and contemporary elegance gracefully blur. This 3,500-square-foot Manali homestay in the serene village of Pangan is a testament to the art of blending local Himachali craftsmanship with nature's inherent beauty, offering an environment of subtle charm and minimalist luxury.

Thoughtfully designed by Tharbus Designs, this Manali homestay is a manifestation of harmony with the surrounding landscape. Throughout the homestay, one encounters a symphony of natural materials, including rugged stone walls, rich wooden accents, and handcrafted furnishings. 

Boasting mud and stone walls, wooden furnishings, Himalayan motif rugs and locally sourced artefacts, the space exudes character and elegance. With five bedrooms, a spacious ground-floor common area, and a warm host family, the homestay encourages unhurried mountain living.

The structure is seamlessly spread across three levels. The ground floor presents an open design concept, featuring a spacious common living / dining area with scenic windows. This unique layout beckons guests to enjoy leisurely conversations and quiet moments of contemplation. The upper 02 floors house five charming bedrooms, each offering a cozy sanctuary. Dipped in a palette of natural colors and enhanced by wooden flooring, the bedrooms ensure restful nights while offering uninterrupted views of the Himalayan landscape through their oversized windows and private balcony.

Step outside and an outdoor patio beckons you to bask in the pristine mountain air and soak in the breathtaking vistas. The wabi-sabi philosophy, embracing natural imperfections, weaves through every nook and cranny of this exquisite space.

Hunzuru is more than a retreat; it's an invitation to experience the tranquility, beauty, and magic of the Himalayas in a unique and deeply meaningful way. Whether you're seeking a cozy corner for intimate exchanges or an adventurous escape into the heart of the mountains, this architectural gem has it all.



Hushstay x Hunzuru's five bedrooms, consisting of 04 similar rooms and 01 master suite, are each infused with natural materials that merge meticulously with the Himalayan outdoors. The thick mud walls, crafted through an age-old practice of mud-plastering transport you back to a time-honored way of life.

Himalayan motifs grace the rugs, and wooden flooring resonates with the rustic charm of the region. Handmade lamps cast a warm, inviting glow, while large windows and balconies frame breathtaking mountain vistas, allowing the Himalayan sunlight to dapple the interiors. The muted color palette, inspired by the earthy tones of the rich soil and weathered rocks, imbues the space with a soothing presence that grounds you in the natural surroundings.

The master suite stands out with its stone and wood-dominated materials, featuring a four-poster bed thoughtfully positioned to maximize panoramic views. The calming greys of the local stone and the mossy green accents drawn from the surrounding flora create an ambience of pure tranquillity. These rooms offer more than just a place to sleep; they provide an immersive connection to the Himalayan landscape and an experience of living in harmony with nature.



Fenced Private Land
Ensuite Washrooms​
Comfortable Beddings
Breakfast Included
In-house Caretaker
Add-on Experiences
Entire Cottage
Portable Heaters
Secret Location
Wifi Internet Available
Fresh Towels and Soap
Farm-to-table Meals


At Hushstays, we have partnered with extra-ordinary stays that offer our guests something unique. 


Each HushStay has a local touch, something unique about itself and a personal character that reflects the hosts. From a traditional cozy Stone Cottage in the Himalayas to a bungalow surrounded by Apple Orchards, all HushStays are as welcoming as they are beautiful.

A HUSHSTAYS SELECT PROPERTY is managed and marketed exclusively by Hushstays and we make sure that we select only the most amazing stays after a thorough inspection. 

Unique Hand-picked Stays at Peaceful Locations

In-house Chef and Verified Amenities

24/7 on-call assistance

Complimentary Add-on Experiences

Safe, Secure and Completely Exclusive


  • A full breakfast is included in the tariff. Lunch / Dinner are available on prior notice.

  • Both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian home-cooked options are available on A-La-Carte at the property

  • We do not provide room service. Meals are only served in the dining area. 

  • Please follow meal timings: 
    Breakfast: 9:00 am - 10:30 am
    Lunch: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
    Dinner: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Getting There:

  • Nearest Railway Station – Chandigarh is the nearest railway station by virtue of its connectivity and number of trains. The remaining journey needs to be covered by rental cars which easily available.

  • Nearest Railway Station (Chandigarh) - 260 kms / 06 hrs
    Nearest Airport (Bhuntar) - 40 kms / 01 hr
    Manali Town - 20 kms /  45 mins
    Atal Tunnel - 47 kms / 1.5 hr

  • As with all great places, getting to this paradise-of-a-location requires a 7 km drive on a scenic mountain road just off the Chandigarh-Manali highway.

  • From our village parking area, you will have to walk up a forest path for about 10 mins to reach our place. Please note that this path is not accessible friendly so our place is not apt for anyone with mobility issues. 

House Rules:

  • Check-in time: 03:00 PM

  • Check-out time: 12:00 PM

  • Slow and soft music is okay, but please do not play loud music after 11 PM.

  • Services of the staff are available until 10:00 PM

  • We follow a strict no smoking policy inside the house since a lot of wood has been used for the interiors. You may ask the caretaker for an ashtray and smoke outside the house if you need to.

  • Please respect your surroundings since the property is set in the midst of an orchard. Do not pluck the flowers / fruits or disturb wildlife here.

  • We are Pet-friendly. However, please note that the owners also have their own dog. If you are bringing your pet, please bring your own pet beddings and pet food and make sure your pet is friendly with other dogs.


  • This 05 bedroom place is offered exclusively to only one group at a time, the tariff remains the same for up to 06 guests and a maximum of 10 guests can be accommodated. Rooms are offered on double occupancy. 

  • Please note that like any other home in the mountains, we do not have an air-conditioner at the property. Hushstay x Hunzuru has been designed in such a way that there is proper wind circulation if the windows are opened in the afternoon. 

  • Electricity: Electricity is usually not a problem, however, being at an offbeat location, if there is an unprecedented power outage, we have to manage with lanterns and candles for lighting the rooms and dining. This might also offer you an opportunity to switch off and gaze at the starry night sky. We promise you will not regret it.

  • Please refrain from using bottled water as fresh purified water is available at all times.

  • We can arrange room / bedding for staff on prior notice. Driver accommodation is available within a 2 km radius. Kindly inform the hosts in advance if you have any staff accompanying you. We do not allow staff to use the cottage rooms.

Wifi and Connectivity:

  • For those who want to stay connected, we have you covered with free wifi. 

  • There is a good 4G connectivity for Airtel and Jio users unless the weather is bad.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Date of booking - 31 days before arrival  : 25 % cancellation fee on the total booking amount

  • 30 Days - 15 Days  : 50 % cancellation fee on the total booking amount

  • Within 14 days from date of arrival  : No refunds

  • Please be advised Cancellation upon Arrival/No-show/Early Departure/Change of Dates falls under cancellation policy dependent on dates.

Need more information about this place? 

Call us on +91 8826915266 between 9 am and 6 pm

or simply click on the button below to leave us a message.



At Hushstay x Hunzuru, there is a lot you can do besides just lazing around and gazing endlessly into the Himalayas. Head to the bustling old-Manali town or drive a little further across the famous 10 km long Atal Tunnel to Sissu. Have fun indulging in breathtaking water sports in Kullu or spread your wings and fly like a bird over the enticing hills of the Himalayas. You may also take day trips to Naggar, Rumsu, and Dobhi.

If you love to hike, there are many short hikes and trails around, some leading through the village to a nearby monastery and waterfall.  The area is also popular with birdwatchers.

We are always here to assist you in making the arrangements.

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