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A Forest Retreat 
Dharkot Village, Thano

12 km from Jolly Grant Airport, 30 km from Rishikesh


05 Rooms

Up to 12 Guests

02 Units

Surrounded by a Forest

All Meals


Pets Allowed

Splash Pool

Hikes and Trails around

Good for Meditation and Yoga


"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again." - Elizabeth Lawrence

In the tapestry of time, there exists a thread woven with the innocence of childhood—a thread that, when touched, evokes a sense of nostalgia, a yearning for the days when the world around us was full of nature's wonders and time was a friend rather than a foe.

As we grow older we long for meaningful experiences to rekindle the joyful child in us and bring us closer to nature.

At Hushstay x Van Vadi we have created that space. 

The very approach to Hushstay x Van Vadi becomes an intentional transition, a deliberate choice to abandon the noise and embrace the silence of the forest. A dusty yet beautiful road leads through the Thano Forest to an enchanting land known only to those who yearn to venture on the road less travelled. Perched in the outskirts of Dehradun just about 30 minutes from Jolly Grant Airport and 40 minutes from Rishikesh, Hushstay x Van Vadi is a 05 Bedroom Forest Retreat that instils a deep appreciation for the beauty inherent in the simplest of things—rustling leaves, flowing streams, and the melody of birdsong.

It's a place where the rhythm of life syncs with the heartbeat of nature, where the cares of city life dissipate, and you are left with the joy of being. Come and be a child again.

P.S. : The 05 Bedrooms at Hushstay x Van Vadi are split into Heritage (02 Bedroom Unit) and Fusion (03 Bedroom Unit) that can be booked individually or together depending on the room size. Tariff starts at 02 guests in the Heritage Unit and varies depending on the number of guests.

A little extra for Hushstays Guests

Short Hike with the People of Van Vadi

Let our staff take you around the six-acre estate to gain insights into the local flora and fauna and learn the local way of living.



Hushtay x Van Vadi is not just a retreat; it's a story waiting to be lived.

Spending time here is like turning the pages of a cherished storybook, each room, each vista a chapter that unfolds the tales of carefree afternoons and endless explorations. 

Tucked on a sprawling six-acre hill, this haven harmonizes with nature, featuring step farms where rice, wheat, ginger, and turmeric thrive alongside indigenous fruiting and flowering trees. The air is alive with the melody of a nearby mountain stream, echoing the calls of wildlife – a harmonious symphony that paints this retreat as an idyllic, secret universe.

The space is meticulously curated, embracing the raw, wild beauty of its surroundings. Aged artefacts sourced from Himalayan homes around the property add a sense of nostalgia while the mud and stone structures exude a timeless appeal.

The open verandahs become a vantage point to witness the changing hues of the valley and the five rooms made of locally sourced stone offer a cosy refuge. The retreat sits on terraced fields and is split into a 03 Bedroom Unit and a 02 Bedroom Unit and also comprises of a baithak, a common dining area/yoga shala . A tank which was earlier being used for harvesting water for irrigation has been restored into a splash pool that is perfect for a dip on a summer afternoon.

Every nook of Van Vadi reflects thoughtful curation, where artistic elements, cozy furnishings, and the warmth of reclaimed materials create an ambiance that blends in perfectly with the forest landscape.



Hushstay x Van Vadi is a calling, like an old friend inviting you home. 

The rooms offer an intimate connection with nature and a respite from the ordinary. Regardless of your choice, both Fusion (03 Bedroom Unit) and Heritage Rooms (02 Bedroom Unit) share a commitment to blending comfort seamlessly with the surrounding wilderness. Each room tells a story of thoughtful curation, adorned with heritage artefacts that add an ineffable charm. The common areas, including the dining area/yoga shala, baithak, verandahs, and splash pool, are not just functional spaces but extensions of the enchanting surroundings, inviting guests to savor every moment in the lap of tranquility.

HERITAGE ROOMS (02 Bedroom Unit)

Our heritage collection with cozy bedrooms, is a mud and stone structure, and around a century old gau shala (cow shed) restored with some modern integrations.


The cottage which also houses a baithak aka lounge, has attached baths in all spaces, and comes with a small kitchen. For winters, we’ve got you covered with our stone fireplace inside the baithak. For summers, all rooms have an air conditioner.

FUSION ROOMS (03 Bedroom Unit)

The new wing to Van Vadi has fusion bedrooms which elegantly blend rustic with the modern. It also has a yoga shala cum dining space, and all spaces come with attached baths.


The structure, though more modern, draws inspiration from the classic pahadi stone masonry found in the surroundings. We’ve used only local stone and reclaimed wood for this structure. For summers, all rooms have an air conditioner.