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Jilling, Uttarakhand
(25 kms from Bhimtal)


03 Rooms

Up to 06 Guests

All Meals




20 Mins Hike

Peaks Visible

Pet- Friendly


Great for Stargazing


"A house in harmony with nature is much more than a house; it is a continuation of the spirit of nature within us!"

- Mehmet Murat Ildan


Cloaked in acres of pristine nature and accessible only by a less-trodden walking trail that leads through a thick Oak jungle, The Nanda Stone is your private 03 Bedroom dreamy mountain home tucked away in the primeval forest of Jilling. 

The word "Nanda" literally translates into "Bliss". The brush of fresh mountain breeze, the sweet voices of nature, the elegance of the skies and the fragrance of the surrounding flora and fauna make this place a true haven for those who love the outdoors. With its mud-finished walls and its natural design elements, this earthy retreat has been thoughtfully and sustainably designed to be in complete harmony with nature.

Its oversized windows offer the grandeur of the Himalayan peaks such as Nanda Devi and its spectacular setting gives way to the magnificence of nature's wonders: the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the rest of the world and connect deeply with your mind, body and soul. 

The Nanda Stone is a cosy, yet elegant home with enough beauty within it, and around it, to make doing nothing a delicious prospect. 

A little extra for Hushstays Guests

Picnic Brunch in the Wilderness

Let our staff take you into the wild and treat you to some fresh salad, bread and summer quenching drinks laid out under the shade of a tree. 



As you hike up the walking trail from the metal road to the house, the world around you completely transforms: the surroundings become much greener, the chirping of the birds gets louder and the feeling of being one with nature takes over. 

The Nanda Stone is much more than just a house; it's an extension of nature and its colours. The dark brown walls blend in perfectly with the surroundings and have been intentionally finished with mud to make sure the house is well insulated. The mud-finish is a local way to keep the insides warm during winters and cool during summers. The roof is made of waste wood and locally found stone called Pataal. 

The other-worldly minimalist charm flows throughout the house: soothing colours, creative decor, chic furniture and nicely lit interiors through skylights and large windows. The dining table has been carved from a single piece of wood and almost all of the furniture has been designed and crafted locally on site using wastewood. The house has been designed to maximise space and allow natural light and air to flow easily through the house. There is a lot of open outdoor space as well with a common seating area consisting of a "Kumaoni Chulha". Let our staff treat you to some Parathas or evening snacks cooked the local way. 

The house consists of 02 full-fledged bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen with an attached dining area and an additional smaller bedroom for kids.



The Nanda Stone is a private retreat that is offered exclusively to only one group at a time and is split across 02 levels. The lower level consists of a central living area that is decorated with various unique pieces. The original foundation stone that was brought in from the far-fetched lands of the Nanda Devi National Park is also kept here. Keeping with its name, every corner of the house offers spectacular views of Mt. Nanda Devi and the neighbouring peaks on a clear day through its large windows.

Adjoining the living area is a fully equipped kitchen with an attached dining area that offers panoramic views of the surroundings. A rare "rocket-oven"  fireplace, that has its roots in Denmark, has been constructed and set up here to keep the surrounding area and the seating warm. A shared washroom is also attached to the kitchen.

On the other side of the living area is the first one of the two big bedrooms. This room is spacious yet offers a cosy vibe that matches that of a European Barn-house. 02 large windows almost entirely cover the walls and a day-bed offers a dramatic scenery. A fully functional fireplace takes up one of the corners and the walls are decorated with creative artefacts. A spacious washroom is attached to this room.

The living area also allows access to a smaller bedroom that consists of a single bed that can be doubled up (if needed). One of the corners has been converted into a mini library and a door opens up to a covered balcony that looks out into the jungle. This rooms shares the washroom with the bigger bedroom.

A metal staircase leads the way to the upper-level of the house that consists of the largest bedroom and an outdoor patio. With its high-ceiling, a mini-kitchenette, a study table and a mezzanine deck with low-seating, this room offers everything one longs for in a private retreat. A corner fireplace has been set up to keep the room warm during winters. Again, the oversized windows offer the same majestic views as those on the lower level so that you never miss a glimpse of the great outdoors.