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Escape: A Secret Campsite, Delhi / NCR


Up to 06 Guests

Private Parking

02 Nests

30 mins from

City Centre




In-house Cafe


"We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us."

In this hectic day-to-day urban mess, we often forget to take out some time for ourselves. We forget to indulge ourselves in things we love to do. We forget to focus on ourselves and our relationships. We forget to let ourselves go!

Don't you wish you could skip the daily hustle and escape to a place, that's just right for a peaceful time with your favorite people, not too far from home (just 30 mins from Gurgaon Centre)?

At Hushnest x Gurgaon, we have created a space where you can do exactly this. With dream catchers, dim lights, boho-decor and lush green surroundings, the place is another world in itself. We even have an in-house lounge and cafe area so that you can chill and have a great time!

Go glamping with your furry friend, take your family and kids out for an enchanting camping experience or celebrate a special day with your loved ones at one of  Gurgaon's most unique places to stay.

P.S. We can also pitch additional dome tents or offer you additional rooms at the farm stay if you have a bigger group. Hushnest x Gurgaon is also apt for unique corporate off-sites, team outings, social events and private gatherings.



Hushnest x Gurgaon is your escape from the city hustle. Tucked away in a quaint corner of Gurgaon called Leopard Hills, in the middle of lush green enchanting Aravalis. Its only 30 minutes from the Gurgaon city centre and yet it feels as if you have come far far away from the maddening crowd and the honking sounds. 

As you leave the city life behind and drive across vast farmlands and through little villages, you will find that life slows down. Locals are relaxing on traditional "khaats" , smoking a "beedi" and the women are working at the farms. Huge buildings gradually start to fade away in the distance, the roads become smaller and you might even encounter a herd of cows or a flock of sheep blocking the road ahead. 

Then, as you enter the premises through a dirt road, you will find a cafe/lounge area creatively made from recycled shipping containers. With slow classic rock music playing in the background, gentle breeze blowing through your hair and beautiful natural surroundings, the place has the perfect "feel-good vibe" to itself.

Walk a little further and you will find 02 beautiful nests tucked away in the corner of a lush garden with the backdrop of farmlands. The entire area has been decorated with dreamcatchers and colourful bunting flags. The perfect setting for a "chilled out" getaway that is both kid-friendly and pet-friendly.

While the Hushnest area has its own private seating space, it shares a common outdoor space with the cafe. The cafe is open to the general public which will give you a chance to get together with more like-minded people. 

We have a full-fledged menu consisting of mouth-watering Indian delicacies as well as our favourites such as White-sauce Pasta, Thin-crust Pizzas and Shakes. 

A warm and courteous staff stays within the cafe premises and will be at your service throughout your stay.

Apart from Hushnest, the site also hosts weekenders called "Escape: A Secret Nightout" which happens once a month.

On such a weekend, we call upon talented new Indie-bands, artists, stand-up comedians and poets to perform for a live Gig Night at our campsite. Besides this we also organize movie nights, fitness/ yoga workshops, photography workshops and a lot more to fill your boring weekends with fun! 



Hushnest x Gurgaon is meant to be an escape from the daily hustle which is why the names of the 02 nests have been derived from a popular phrase that means "no troubles": Hakuna Matata.

Our nests, Hakuna and Matata have been set up amidst lush surroundings in the fenced premises of a private farm stay with an in-house lounge area. 

With lots of outdoor space surrounded by vast farmlands, this place is perfect for that stress-free getaway with your kids, pets, and a group of friends.

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Fenced Private Land
Common Washrooms​
Comfortable Beddings
In-house Chef / Caretaker
Add-on Experiences
In-house Cafe
Camp Benches
Pet-friendly stay
Secret Location
Towels and Toiletries
Solar Powered Lamps


At HushNest, we have created a different world for the free-spirits, the crazy ones, the explorers, for those of us who believe in magic and for those who like to experience and not just see.

We have partnered with locals who have unused private land at magical locations and set up enchanting nests with all the comforts of a room.


The sole mission is to bring balance back into modern life. We want to help you unplug from the daily hustle and focus on yourself, your relationships and the wonders of nature.

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  • We have an in-house cafe and therefore, we leave the choice of meals to you and hence no meals are included in the given tariff unless otherwise specified. The cafe serves everything from Thin-crust Pizzas and Pasta to Indian Cuisine.

  • Outside food is not allowed and meals are charged on a la-carte basis at the Cafe.

Getting There:


  • The place is located at a secret location near Gurgaon (just 30 minutes from the city centre) at a place called Leopard Hills. 

    We will share the exact directions upon confirmation.

  • All roads are nice and well-maintained. You can find Olas and Ubers to / from Hushnest x Gurgaon.

House Rules:

  • Check-in time: 05:00 PM

  • Check-out time: 12:00 PM

  • Slow and soft music is okay, but please do not play loud music. You are in the middle of nature.

  • There is no room service. The staff will provide a ready tent with proper beddings and refillable water bottles. For everything else, we request you to kindly head to the cafe area and please adhere to cafe timings for meals.

  • We are pet-friendly. If you are coming with your pet, make sure they are well-mannered and that nothing is damaged.​


  • We have 02 tents (nests) and they are offered on a double occupancy basis. There is space for one more extra bed in each nest.  If you need the extra mattress, please inform us at the time of booking so that we can arrange for the same. Extra mattresses are not offered for kids below 06 yrs.

  • If you want to book both nests, you will have to select and book both nests separately.

  • If you are a bigger group, you can also book smaller dome tents along with the Nests. Give us a call and we will help you out.

  • Even though we have tried to offer all basic amenities, HushNest is meant to be close to nature experience. It’s not luxury camping and we do not expect our guests to treat the place that way. While you are here, be nice to the locals, do not litter, do not play loud music and be one with nature.

  • We provide candle lamps inside the tents. There is light outside the tents and a common charging point in the cafe area as well which will be accessible during the day.

  • Hushnest x Gurgaon has a clean common toilet with all basic amenities. If you need to take a bath, you can ask the caretakers for a bucket of hot/cold water.

  • The Cafe is open to the general public and the cafe area and hushnest share a common outdoor space.

Wifi and Connectivity:​​

  • The network is weak in this area, however, you still get good 3G / 4G connection at certain points.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Date of booking - 31 days before arrival  : 25 % cancellation fee on the total booking amount

  • 30 Days - 15 Days  : 50 % cancellation fee on the total booking amount

  • Within 14 days from date of arrival  : No refunds

Need more information about this place? 

Call us on +91 8826915266 between 9 am and 6 pm

or simply click on the button below to leave us a message.




Laze around at the Cafe and feast on mouth-watering cuisine, or just do nothing. We also have some board games, UNO cards, and Jenga. Treat it like your private picnic. Head out for a walk through the surrounding farmland and forests. 


If you are looking for something special, get in touch with us for one of our Hush Experiences:

Boho Dinner Date:

Let us set your dinner date right with some boho decor, fairy lights, candles, Indian meals, and a bottle of wine. We can also add an open air movie screening to the setup.

The Secret Brunch:

Want to take your group out for a soulful Sunday brunch with some live music, amazing Italian cuisine, boho decor and some games to keep everyone busy? Let us know!

Once a month, we host a weekender called "Escape: A Secret Nightout" with Live Bands, Stand Up Comedy and Creative Workshops.