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Secret Location, near Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand


Up to 06 Guests

05 Mins Walk from Parking

02 Nests

Waterfall nearby



Hiking Trails nearby


Fruit Orchards

Great for

Bird Watching

Snow-covered peaks visible


"Magic is essentially a higher understanding of nature."


Experience the magic in the air and the power in the cool mountain breeze as it brushes your skin. Feel the energy of the plants, bushes and trees. Pluck your own fruits as you walk through acres of peach and apple orchards that envelope your private nest or meditate to the sight of majestic snow-covered Himalayan peaks. 


At Hushnest x Sunkiya (Enchanted hills), tucked away in a small village called Sunkiya near Mukteshwar, you can disconnect and let yourself be surrounded by nature at its best. Calm yourself, focus and let magic do the rest.



Hushnest x Sunkiya is your own private hideout. The site is tucked away at a secret spot in a lesser-explored little hamlet called Sunkiya. 


At just 20 minutes from the Mukteshwar town, Sunkiya (6500 ft) is probably what Mukteshwar used to be before it became touristy: Less crowded, more peaceful, much quieter, lush green with terraced farmlands coupled with an awe-inspiring view of snow-covered peaks and amazing weather throughout the year.


The Sunkiya and Bhatelia belt is known for its fruit and vegetable plantations and so Hushnest x Sunkiya at Enchanted hills has been set up amidst acres of private fruit orchards. The owner of these orchards stays at a cottage very close to your nest and will also be your local host throughout your Hushnest experience. The host and his staff leave no stone unturned when it comes to the quality of food and services. Expect mouth-watering farm-to-table meals made of freshly plucked vegetables and organically sourced ingredients. And hey, you can even pluck your own fruits and vegetables while you are there.



At Hushnest x Sunkiya, we have created a small world for those of us who believe in magic which is why the names of the 02 nests have been derived from a very powerful magical word. Our nests Abra and Cadabra have been set up in a peach orchard, on private farmland at a height of 6,500 ft. 

Abra and Cadabra, both, overlook the valley and snow covered peaks in the distance. There is a lot of open space around the nests and an outdoor seating area with a hammock and some dream catchers for those lazy afternoons.


Each of the 02 nests is equipped with creative boho-decor ( such as dream catchers, fairy lights, macrame etc), dim lights, plug-sockets, board games, some books, a “lock your phone” box, a solar torch, laminated floors, queen-sized beds with top quality beddings and private toilets with hot and cold shower. We also have a bean bag and some comfortable seating inside each nest if you feel like lazing around. The nests have a diameter of 15 ft and have been designed to be spacious and uncluttered. 


Let the magic of Abra-Cadabra take you over.

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Fenced Private Land
Private Washrooms​
Comfortable Beddings
Breakfast Included
In-house Chef / Caretaker
Add-on Experiences
Tea / Coffee Maker
Camp Benches
Towels and Toiletries
Farm-to-table Meals
Power Supply and Sockets


At HushNest, we have created a different world for the free-spirits, the crazy ones, the explorers, for those of us who believe in magic and for those who like to experience and not just see.

We have partnered with locals who have unused private land at magical locations and set up enchanting nests with all the comforts of a room.


The sole mission is to bring balance back into modern life. We want to help you unplug from the daily hustle and focus on yourself, your relationships and the wonders of nature.

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  • The food is home-cooked by your local hosts, please share your food preferences well in advance.

  • The host offers Local / Indian cuisine made from raw materials grown nearby. For the meals, we request you to kindly head to the area near the host's cottage so that food can be served hot.

Getting There:

  • Sunkiya Village is located about 7 kms (20 mins) from Mukteshwar and about 375 kms (09 hrs) from Delhi. The popular hill station of Nainital is about 45 kms away.

  • Hushnest is located at a secret place in Sunkiya near Bhatelia. We will share the exact directions upon confirmation. The last 1 km is a dirt road and getting to the nests requires a short walk of about 5 mins from where you park your car.

  • If you are coming by train / Volvo, you may get off at Kathgodam which is about 53 kms (2 hrs) from Hushnest x Sunkiya. You can find regular taxis and shared cabs at Kathgodam or let us know if you’d like us to arrange a pick up for you.

House Rules:

  • Check-in time: 01:00 PM

  • Check-out time: 10:00 AM

  • Slow and soft music is okay, but please do not play loud music. You are in the middle of nature.

  • Services of the staff are available until 10:00 PM

  • There is severe water shortage in the hills . There will be enough for you all. But, we will appreciate if you ensure there is no wastage. 

  • We are pet-friendly. If you are coming with your pet, make sure they are well-mannered and that nothing is damaged.​

  • Bonfire is available at the site on a chargeable basis. Please inform the caretaker well in advance as the wood has to be sourced accordingly.

  • The nests are stable in all weather conditions, however in case of heavy rainfall, we request you to keep the window zippers closed.  Some water might still trickle in from the window zippers but the caretaker will come and dry it up for you as soon as the weather is better.


  • We have 02 tents (nests) and they are offered on a double occupancy basis. There is space for one more extra bed in each nest. If you want to book both nests, you will have to select and book both nests separately.

  • Even though we have tried to offer all basic amenities, HushNest is meant to be close to nature experience. It’s not luxury camping and we do not expect our guests to treat the place that way. While you are here, be nice to the locals, do not litter, do not play loud music and be one with nature.

  • The 02 nests are located at an exclusive space dedicated to hushnest but within the premises of a homestay. The family that lives at the homestay are also your hosts. The host will visit the nests several times during the day to ask if you need anything at hushnest. There is no bell/room service since we are trying to offer a private experience.

  • Depending on the weather, it gets a little hot inside the tents during the day. We recommend you open the windows for cross ventilation or you may spend the day walking around the village. If you’d like you may request your hosts to take you around; nothing better than being guided by the locals.

Wifi and Connectivity:​​

  • The network is weak in this area, however, it gets stronger as you walk towards the road. In any case, we are sure you will find a connection.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Date of booking - 31 days before arrival  : 25 % cancellation fee on the total booking amount

  • 30 Days - 15 Days  : 50 % cancellation fee on the total booking amount

  • Within 14 days from date of arrival  : No refunds

Need more information about this place? 

Call us on +91 8826915266 between 9 am and 6 pm

or simply click on the button below to leave us a message.




Explore the more popular sights of Mukteshwar or trek and explore the various picturesque jungle trails around Sunkiya. Walk amidst the fruit orchards and through surrounding villages all the way to the Sunkiya Hill Temple. Mingle with the locals and discover the local way of living on the way.

Head to Bhalugaad Waterfalls  (25 mins) for a refreshing dip or drive down to one of the cafes around Mukteshwar: Cafe Chandi Maati (15 mins) and the Chirping Tales Cafe ( 15 mins) are our favourites. 

We encourage our guests to switch off their devices and enjoy nature's bliss: ​Gaze endlessly into the Himalayas. On a clear day, you can even spot the majestic snow-covered peak called the Nanda Devi (7,816 m).​